Unleashing the 市场营销 Potential: How to Elevate Property Visibility and Rental Success

Ally Trygar -星期五,2023年10月13日

Visibility and exposure are essential goals for any marketing plan. 当你列出和宣传你的房子出租, it’s important to think about who will be seeing the listing and what they’re likely to do as they scroll through your photos and description. 他们会立即联系你安排一次展示吗? Will they bookmark your property or save it as a favorite and go back to it later? 或者,他们会继续去他们看到的下一个地方吗?

有效地执行您的租赁物业营销计划, you need to elevate your visibility and think beyond a single listing that you throw across several rental platforms. 


A good marketing plan will reduce your vacancy loss and result in more qualified residents. Here’s what we recommend when you’re ready to unleash the marketing potential that exists in 今天的市场


没有人会看不带照片的房源. It’s simply impossible to get an idea of what the home looks like. Most prospective residents are checking rental platforms and social media sites from their phones. It’s easier for them to click on photos and watch videos than it is to scroll through several paragraphs of descriptive text. 

你想投资好的摄影. 聘请专业摄影师是个好主意. You’ll have a set of high-quality photos that you can use every time you list the home, and 你会脱颖而出的 in a crowded marketplace of listings that include low-quality pictures taken in a hurry from someone’s camera phone. 

If a professional photographer is not in your budget, make sure you take great photos on your own. 尽可能使用自然光, and don’t be afraid to employ the flash on your camera in order to brighten up your shots of the space. 注意角度. 你想让房间看起来宽敞开放. Keep personal items and clutter out of the shots and make sure you take a lot of photos. 上传尽可能多的您可以与您的清单. 

视频也有助于提高曝光率和可见度. 当一个潜在的居民可以观看视频时, they can get an easy idea of how the rooms in your property flow, and whether the space would work for them and their furniture. Either they’ll schedule a showing quickly or they’ll realize that the space is not for them, 节省你的时间.


When people pick up their phones, they’re almost always checking one social media site or another. This is where things are happening; 脸谱网 and Twitter (X?)、Instagram和TikTok. It’s taking up a lot of time and attention, and it’s a great way to reach residents. 

Social media can be more powerful than popular online rental sites because there’s opportunity for sharing and engagement. When you post a rental property listing on Instagram or 脸谱网, people can comment on how great the yard look or ask about the appliances in the kitchen. 您可以回复并提供其他信息. Interested visitors can ask questions about square footage and whether you allow pets. Friends and contacts can like the post, share it, tag friends of theirs who may be looking for a new 租赁房屋

You need to establish your own presence on the major social media platforms, 你需要注意你在那里的目的. 如果你已经发了很多个人帖子, maybe set up a separate business page for your rental property listings. 

确保你也知道使用每个平台的最佳方式. On 脸谱网 Marketplace, for example, there’s a specific way to post rental listings. You can use Instagram to go live and walk through the property with prospective residents watching. 在TikTok上,你会想要制作一个聪明的视频. 



Word of mouth isn’t as trendy and innovative when it comes to marketing strategies, 但它仍然有效. Spread the word among your own network that you have a home for rent. 还有,给给你带住院医生的人奖励. 

As 物业经理, we can offer referral programs that encourage previous and current residents to refer their friends, 家庭, 和同事们一起住在我们的房子里. Offering incentives such as a discount on the next rent payment, 礼品卡, or other rewards can incentivize residents who refer others to move in. 

你可以提供类似的激励措施. 这将激励人们为你推销你的房产, 减少你实际需要做的市场营销.


投资于人际关系Invest in local relationships, especially with businesses and relocation companies. 

Get in touch with local estate agents who may have clients who want to rent a home. Work with relocation companies and local businesses who bring in talent and team members from across the country for jobs in the local area. These companies are tasked with finding homes for their employees and clients who may be moving into the area. This is a marketing strategy that only works when you’re a local expert with deep community connections, 所以要建立这些关系.  

Posting your listing on all the popular rental platforms is a great first step when it comes to marketing your property. A yard sign can be good, too, for the people who drive or walk through your neighborhood. 


You need potential residents to be able to find your property in order for you to attract interest and ultimately place someone who is well-qualified. Creating a successful rental property marketing plan has to be a priority, and then you need to dedicate time and resources towards increasing exposure for your available home for rent.

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